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           Before the end of the day, let me remind you that today JANUARY 15th exactly about 53 years ago is a very important day in the history of Nigeria. “On Saturday, January 15, 1966, a pivotal day in the history of Nigeria” wrote Chinua Achebe in his book, ‘There was a Country’. That evening was a shifting storm for Nigeria. That evening, unbeknownst to most Nigerians, a military coup was being launched that would change Nigeria forever even till today.
            It is sad that this memory is coming now that the nation is a pool of confusion. However, history must be told for Nigeria had not anticipated it aside some creative writers such as Chinua Achebe and nobel laureate Wole Soyinka who like prophets had predicted the doom that was ahead for the newly independent nation. For instance, Achebe’s ‘A Man For The People’. The euphoria which came along with the status of independence was short lived as the civilian government couldn’t live up to the task and responsibilities expected of them. Many young African nations at this time rather than enjoy the rewards of independence were submerged in the disillusionment of seeing their freedom fighters become despots, their once united force becoming broken by the hammers  of greed, injustice and ineptitude and the cracks that came along with it.
          Although the Jan 15, 1966 has been termed by some as the Igbo-Coup. We must however know that on the lips of many Nigerians who lived then to witness the coup would term it a harvest of tragedy. Nigeria as a nation has often been too quick to affiliate every problem to ethnicity, thus, this even affects the way history is viewed. This date and the happenings hereafter are complex and has been a subject of debate for many historians and scholars of Comparative History till date. No wonder, the Biafran agitations is still fresh even till today. This coup led to the death of Nigeria’s first prime minister, Sir Tafawa Balewa.
          The 1966 Nigerian coup d’état on January 15, 1966, was the first military coup that was
carried out in Nigeria by junior officers. Maj. Kaduna Nzeogwu The coup d’état toppled the government of President Nnamdi Azikiwe and Prime Minister Tafawa Balewa thereby rewriting the political, social and military history of the country. The coup, though not completely successful, laid the foundation for coups and counter coups in Nigeria. 8 facts about the 1966 Nigerian coup d’état are attached below as shared by Naij:

1. In August 1965, 1 Yoruba and 4 Igbo Majors were beginning to plot a coup d’état against incumbent Prime Minister Abubakar Balewa.

2. It was one of the events that led to the Nigerian Civil War which started in 1967.

3. On January 15, 1966 Maj. Kaduna Nzeogwu decided to turn a night-time training exercise known as “Exercise Damisa” into a full blown military coup.

4. The coup was planned because according to the Majors, the men at the helm of affairs were running Nigeria aground with their corrupt ways.

5. The senior army officer, General Johnson Aguiyi-Ironsi, then used the coup as a pretext to annex power, ending Nigeria’s nascent democracy.

6. The officers involved on both sides of the coup are (Conspirators): Maj. Kaduna Nzeogwu (Igbo), Maj. Timothy Onwuatuegwu (Igbo), Maj. Emmanuel Ifeajuna (Igbo), Maj. Chris Anuforo (Igbo), Maj. Don Okafor (Igbo), Maj. Adewale Ademoyega (Yoruba), Maj. Humphrey Chukwuka (Igbo), Capt. Emmanuel Nwobosi (Igbo), Capt. Ben Gbulie (Igbo)and Capt. Ogbu Oji (Igbo).
Government officials include: Prime Minister Abubakar Balewa † (Bageri), Premier Ahmadu Bello † (Fulani), Premier Samuel Akintola (Yoruba), Finance Minister Festus Okotie-Eboh (Itsekiri), Gen. Johnson Aguiyi-Ironsi (Igbo), Brig. Samuel Ademulegun (Yoruba), Brig. Zakariya Maimalari (Kanuri), Col. Kur Mohammed (Kanuri), Col. Ralph Shodeinde † (Yoruba), Lt. Col. Yakubu Gowon (Ngas), Lt. Col. Abogo Largema (Kanuri), Lt. Col. James Pam (Berom), Lt. Col. Arthur Unegbe (Igbo), Lt. Col. Conrad Nwawo (Igbo) and Maj. Hassan Katsina (Fulani).

7. Nigerian soldiers led by Kaduna Nzeogwu assassinated 11 senior Nigerian politicians and two soldiers as well as kidnapping three others.

8. Some of those who were murdered in the 1966 coup include the Prime Minister of Nigeria, Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa; the Premier of Northern Nigeria, Alhaji Ahmadu Bello: the Premier of Western Region; Sir Samuel Ladoke Akintola; the Finance Minister, Chief Festus Okotie-Eboh; the wife of Ademulegun, Mrs. Lateefat; the wife of the then Premier of Northern Nigeria, Hafusat; Zarumi Sardauna, the Senior Assistant on Security to the then Premier, Ahmed Ben Musa and the Government Driver to the then Premier, Ahmed Pategi.

Written: Badiru Kehinde
(Poet, Story-teller, Observer, Freelance Writer and Researcher)
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Motivational: MOVE ON


      Though it’s true that TODAY is as a result of YESTERDAY, while TOMORROW will be as a result of what we do TODAY, For so many, their PAST is their greatest enemy, cage, prison yard, and witch hunter that they find it onerous to move ahead to the future.
        Mistakes are all a part of greatness, errors brings out beauty. Don’t Let the guilt of the Past hold you down. You sure may not be able to fix your past but you still have the ability to determine the future. You are the one in charge, You must let the PAST be gone with the wind, create your future, focus more on it like you’re the camera man taking a coverage of a mass number of people in the White house.

        Guilt does nothing but trap you in the Past forever, envelope your foresight and make your visions for the future more blur. One reason you must move on is because MISTAKES are part of the plan, they were planned by GOD, they were meant to shape you & prepare you for the big game. MOVE ON!!!

“The greatest of MEN today were mistake candidates but they learnt to focus more on tapping into their future rather than their past trapping them down” …Badiru Kehinde

MOVE ON!!! …Don’t be trapped, mistakes are part of the plan

Your friend
Badiru Kehinde

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I jerked up from the world of slumber, the land of sleep,
Only to realize I’m once again awake in a nation of the unknown,
And a state of uncertainties,
Oh! Why must I wake again this perfidious morning?
Even when the inner-me knew I wasn’t perfervid ’bout the early wake
I wanted to go back into slumber,

The boy next door asked!
What is it to jubilate about?
Or are we yet again set to dance to the melody of our shattered hopes?
A hundred and sixteen years since we emerged as one Nigeria, so called,
And fifty-six years of Independence yet we remain dependent,
What is there to roll the drums about?
A so-called giant that still crawls,
I wake up every morning full of tears,
Cos our country keeps shattering our hopes,
No good schools, no food, no power, no security, no power, no
security, no water, no medicals, Yet you want to roll out the drums,
If only I had a pistol while writing this epistle,
I won’t have spared anyone that dared to roll the drums.

They eat our flesh for food and we still wash the plate
There will be blood! One day we will rise up in rage.
We grow grey trying to catch our dreams
If some grey beards’ are this nation’s embryo,
Played on board, Still…
We preach freedom
But we still got leash on
Pay attention see heroes turning in graves,
I hear Awo saying, “look what my country became ”
Like Jesus turned water to wine
One day our grief will turn to gain
Nigeria, quit crying. Stand up and fight
You need hope not help
We walk around in chains, you call it jewelry, I call it slavery
Like a Black Moses, one day I shall see to the freedom of my people

I wish I’m with a nation which cares
One which lends a ear
NIGERIA, wake up!!!
Our kids keep dying,
Our kins keep crying,
Our graduates are scared of graduating,
No blames, our hopes are shattered and the future looks bleak,
A nation at 56, yet still begging,
A nation with first-class natural resources,
Yet its citizens still feed on crumbs.
A nation with looters as leaders,
And paddlers as lawmakers,
Our leaders have turned against us, even with the mantra of “CHANGE”
Who will bell the cat?


Contributors: Adedeji Ademola (Tennesse,USA), Lamina Ifeoluwa (Sagamu, Ogun State) Adejokun David (Ibadan, Oyo State), Akinwunmi Adewunmi (Ikirun,Osun State), Badiru Kehinde (Beach Area, Badagry)

Convener: Badiru Kehinde (Poet, Writer, Editor, Graduate Student, English & Int’l Studies, UNIOSUN)
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Happy birthday! what day is it?
I’ll search failed memory in a bit.

How old are you, how matured?
In terms of arms, how secured?

Nigeria, how old are you?
That you still are like ewe

Multiple decades gone yet a newbie
In all things advanced yet not big

Ancient enough to make history
Regardless if half of it isn’t real

A fool at forty will eternally be fool,
Tell us your age, we can’t be fooled.

A fool at twenty is a fool forever.
Nigeria in fifties looks like a leper.

A mother of thirty six, how fruitful?
But none can she feed, how fruitful?

Your children are weeping, see them,
Yelling… You can’t stand up for them

Nigeria! Are you now lost in age?
Lost in hope to be free from this cage?

Nigeria! The land of Peace and Mercy.
Rain your mercy, not put us in frenzy.

Stop growing and bring us no more
To the decay of your aging nature

Nigeria! How old are you, not joking?
Change is calling and time is running

Honey and milk in her yet I remain
horny and funny in my irony in pain.

Milk and honey it was
A memory this long thus…

Nigeria! Mother of lots and riches,
Yet volumes of cries increases.

Will you toddle drunkenly like cripples
while your progeny wallows in ripples?


Nigeria we query thee, our own dear plaintiff’s land
Tho’ rights and wrongs may differ, how old are you at hand?

How old are you in the chain of amalgamation?
On the field of Uhuru what are your cultivation?

I marvel at thy politics, how old art thou?
I tremble at thy economics, how young art thou?

Nigeria! Pray tell how far have you gone?
In standing strong and getting things done

I wonder Madam Naija, how many is your age?
For calling budget padding an act of the sage.

You toy with your adolescence now you tear up,
A nitwit mother at fifties, when would you gear up?

Oh mother Nigeria, I guess you wait to be called-
Grandma, before your sagacity would be summoned.

The west has swallowed many sun oh Nigeria
So halt your stress and rocket no further

What for you in the past as beauty – your dimple,
are now cushion of germs, filthy – like pimples.

You were once your husband’s giant and her trigger
Today, your steps grow stronger, you grow weaker.

A stale mother with three dozens of children
Begging for a living, why not be barren?

My childhood called thee Oh mother Eva.
My manhood now sees thee as null but a heaver.

You are the bedrock of this coloured race;
Lick off the tar they need to see your face.

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Somewhere Somehow It Appears It’s CHRISTMAS
Today the World Celebrate the birth of a name JESUS which have been the Saving grace & mercy card to many over the years.
That name was from a lowly background but today is the most celebrated name in the entire universe.

Remember there’s Someone out there who doesn’t know that name JESUS & does not feel loved, Live today for them So that tomorrow will live to acknowledge You.

May this CHRISTMAS bring unto You & Me the joy, comfort, happiness, peace & fulfilment that’s there in…Here’s Wishing You a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays & a Fulfiling 2016.

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Masssive hugs & kisses !!! 😀
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Will Aso Rock have a new occupant or retain its incumbent? Will the shouts of power and change be over on radios and on Tv…Do we see a NIGERIA where work and performance will be valued than mere shouts of ‘Power’ and ‘Change’…

Whoever emerges determines where we find ourselves in the next four years…Just as election is important,it’s important to elect servants who are willing to serve and not mad men in politics who are office,pocket,seat,stomach driven…

Be Wise…Let Sanity be restored.
You are called the leaders of tomorrow…When do we become leaders when men old enough to be our grand fathers are on the hotspot of power…

‘CHANGE your thinking…Let your thinking CHANGE you’…I Rest my case

Concerned Nigeria; BADIRU KEHINDE
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