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Badiru Kehinde: front-IKWYMC.jpgI Know Why Your Mother Cries


I Know Why Your Mother Cries is Badiru’s first collection of poetry after years of writing for the social media space.


In his words, “This book contains poems I wrote from my heart,it’s my first published work. I sat reading some pages days ago with friends and they could almost cry, yet smiling”.


I Know Why Your Mother Cries (IKWYMC) is not just a collection of poetry but a manifestation of the tears mothers and women have cried and still cry. The collection is engaging, utilizes humour, collective imagery and creates a special eureka feeling which every one no matter class,age or gender can relate with. It addresses almost every motifs of life.


Every one born of a woman should find pleasure in this beauty. And the beauty lies in the tears your mother sheds… “But with your woman’s tears, the world becomes complete” (Stanza 15)


IKWYMC is a poetry about love, feminism, motherhood, failed promises, poverty, corruption, will, injustice, leadership, hope and the dream we collectively share. “The language is simple, almost prosaic in order to make the message clear to the masses that he represents…” Professor Hope Eghagha(From Foreward)


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About Poet:

Badiru Kehinde was born in Okokomaiko, Lagos. His first published work is a poetry collection titled; I Know Why Your Mother Cries. Also, He was schooled at Osun state university where he had his first degree in English Language and International Studies. Kehinde is also a spoken work artiste, writes, designs, brands and teaches. He is a regular columnist on different online platforms where his works have been featured. Kehinde has served as campus journalist, features editor and editor in chief of two magazines. He also loves freelance writing, Literature, Smooth Jazz, Culture, Digital media, meeting people and God.

Badiru writes and shares different exciting stuffs on his Instagram and Facebook page mostly. He is currently working on collection of short stories, another collection of poems and a memoir.


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What if

the end

was just

a new beginning…




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600x400.jpgBy night,

you should understand

that a happy

home starts in the morning.


Let’s know that

The vestige of  yester night

slept with the moon.

And by morning,

Wake up with revelings



Find Badiru Kehinde on all social media platforms and follow for more

Find his Book of poetry, get yours, click to buy Price is #750

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Welcome to Nigeria;

The fictional country.


You are mad if you

don’t know that

Nigeria is a fiction!


I’m mad, and I know it is

a fiction.

I’m not mad because of them

I’m mad because

you thought your dreams

are achievable only

with their long spoons.

I’m also mad,

not because I’v not eaten

but because the larger

hungry planet of masses

will vote again

for change.


I’m mad because

we will not change

our diapers

and sing new songs.

I’m mad because

these words are too

light for the sane,





a bit…


Only the mad can speak out!


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If Corpers can’t feed well again,
If Students can’t afford tuition fees,
If our mothers can’t cook good meals again,
If our fathers can’t boast of jobs,
If our sisters are running into prostitution,
if our brothers are heading for cyber-crime,
if our libraries remain empty,
if our leaders send their children abroad,
if back home, our leaders don’t care,
if we are forced to ask,
“Is this Our nation, Are we lost?

Then really, We are lost
  ©Badiru Kehinde