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If Corpers can’t feed well again,
If Students can’t afford tuition fees,
If our mothers can’t cook good meals again,
If our fathers can’t boast of jobs,
If our sisters are running into prostitution,
if our brothers are heading for cyber-crime,
if our libraries remain empty,
if our leaders send their children abroad,
if back home, our leaders don’t care,
if we are forced to ask,
“Is this Our nation, Are we lost?

Then really, We are lost
  ©Badiru Kehinde


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Just yesterday when American singer and songwriter Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel Prize in literature, questions have been raised on the basis of selection which traditionally is supposed to be focused on fiction writers, poets and playwrights. These were literary expressions which used to be criterias for awarding this prize.

PM News wrote, “He is the first American to win since the novelist Toni Morrison, in 1993. The announcement, in Stockholm, came as something of a surprise. Although Mr. Dylan, 75, has been mentioned often as having an outside shot at the prize, his work does not fit into the literary canons of novels, poetry and short stories that the prize has traditionally recognized”. Although, the award has had its way into Africa through winners like our very own Wole Soyinka, Nigeria (1986) with Camus, Albert Algeria (1957), Maathai, Wangari Kenya (2004)
Theiler, Max South Africa (1951, Luthuli, Albert John South Africa (1960). However, Senior research fellow at The University of Ibadan, Institute of African studies, Dr. Senayon Olaoluwa wrote, “The Nobel Prize for Literature has refused to come Africa’s way again…wahala no dey…It’s good news for popular culture, anyway. Congratulations to Bob Dylan!”.

Similarly Literary scholar, Dr. Rotimi Fasan  has this to say; “Do you still wonder whether it’s scholarly to see poetry in Dagrin, 9ice or P Square to say nothing of Sunny Ade?  When some wondered if African oral forms are worthy of the name literature, can such people tell us why an American folk singer can or  should be awarded a major prize in literature. Expand your definition of literature and the literary which is not necessarily only what you were taught inside the four walls of a school”

This goes to say that literature today is changing and the walls which it used to be trapped are basically expanding. If a folk singer can be awarded a Nobel Prize, an Hip-hop artist,Country, soul,smoothjazz or jazz music could also someday. One battle the African continent had to fight was the renegotiation of the fact that Africa had her indigenous oral forms which the west have tried on several occasions to debunk. Well  I’m watching out for the likes of Brenda Russel, Drake, Adele, The Weekend, Solange, Rihana, Brian Cubertson, John Mayer, Jonathan Butler, Anita Baker,  etc to probably get an award someday. LOL just a take. Consider our very own Sunny Ade, the musical legend who just celebrated his 70th birthday. Essays are being received by the centre of African studies, University of Ibadan in order to celebrate the legend.  It’s an exploration of the intersection between Juju music and literature and the aesthetics each of these artises dedicate to their musical art. This supports the claim that there is a need to see literature differently.

It’s not new that the study of literature in the scholarly sense of it has left the pages of the three genres, what we have today is a cross breed of genres, a mix of these traditional forms even with the recent digital and new media devices which we have at our finger tips today. The study of literature today is becoming a honeymoon, a bed of roses and really something to live with, in and for.

©Badiru Kehinde
(Poet, Essayist, Fiction Writer, Grad. Student, Osun Student University)
(Badagry) 14/10/16
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There was a cane
It came hurriedly
Scientists called it a hurricane
With a Matthew.

The touch off,
The flashing wind,
The shattered hands…
The matthew we knew brought
Sweet words to the lips of mankind
Not tears, fear and floating hopes.

Yet, it may seem the world
Is silent,
But no! Haiti
Shall rise again
Like Wawi and Machiavelli
These sad songs will fade,
And new choruses will be sang
         Sooner than yesterday!
                  We stand with Haiti.

  ©Badiru Kehinde
(AGRYBad) 9/10/16






I jerked up from the world of slumber, the land of sleep,
Only to realize I’m once again awake in a nation of the unknown,
And a state of uncertainties,
Oh! Why must I wake again this perfidious morning?
Even when the inner-me knew I wasn’t perfervid ’bout the early wake
I wanted to go back into slumber,

The boy next door asked!
What is it to jubilate about?
Or are we yet again set to dance to the melody of our shattered hopes?
A hundred and sixteen years since we emerged as one Nigeria, so called,
And fifty-six years of Independence yet we remain dependent,
What is there to roll the drums about?
A so-called giant that still crawls,
I wake up every morning full of tears,
Cos our country keeps shattering our hopes,
No good schools, no food, no power, no security, no power, no
security, no water, no medicals, Yet you want to roll out the drums,
If only I had a pistol while writing this epistle,
I won’t have spared anyone that dared to roll the drums.

They eat our flesh for food and we still wash the plate
There will be blood! One day we will rise up in rage.
We grow grey trying to catch our dreams
If some grey beards’ are this nation’s embryo,
Played on board, Still…
We preach freedom
But we still got leash on
Pay attention see heroes turning in graves,
I hear Awo saying, “look what my country became ”
Like Jesus turned water to wine
One day our grief will turn to gain
Nigeria, quit crying. Stand up and fight
You need hope not help
We walk around in chains, you call it jewelry, I call it slavery
Like a Black Moses, one day I shall see to the freedom of my people

I wish I’m with a nation which cares
One which lends a ear
NIGERIA, wake up!!!
Our kids keep dying,
Our kins keep crying,
Our graduates are scared of graduating,
No blames, our hopes are shattered and the future looks bleak,
A nation at 56, yet still begging,
A nation with first-class natural resources,
Yet its citizens still feed on crumbs.
A nation with looters as leaders,
And paddlers as lawmakers,
Our leaders have turned against us, even with the mantra of “CHANGE”
Who will bell the cat?

Contributors: Adedeji Ademola (Tennesse,USA), Lamina Ifeoluwa (Sagamu, Ogun State) Adejokun David (Ibadan, Oyo State), Akinwunmi Adewunmi (Ikirun,Osun State), Badiru Kehinde (Beach Area, Badagry)

Convener: Badiru Kehinde (Poet, Writer, Editor, Graduate Student, English & Int’l Studies, UNIOSUN)
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Pressed in 4s and 5s
Like Circle of 4ths and 5ths
In My Piano head

Our footprints,
In sizes and colours
Landmark, touched
Feathered with passion
To take just
The next Step…

©Badiru Kehinde

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