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Motivational- “2017: Beyond All, See the Light”



There is a cliche that says, there is light at the end of the tunnel, I turned against that and wrote, ‘there is light even before the tunnel and in the tunnel’. This revealation dropped in my heart in the wee hours of exiting 2016. It means light searches you and brings you to the magnificient promise ahead. The previous year has gone with its tales of recession and depression, thick and thin, strength and failings, promises and silent whispers, broken chords and suspended hopes, delayed promises and convenenants but beyond, there is light.

Don’t fear, the future is secured by knowing the one who holds it. Search yourself, do away with the things and every other thing you have to let go with the previous year. This is the only way you’d see the light in its full glare. Do away with obstructions, distractions, pending plans and unapproved resolutions. You must write them all down this year newly, it is a promise from God this year. There are bigger doors you need to open, bigger pedestals you need to climb, many books you have to write, many songs you have to write and co-write, many art you have to explore, many connections you have to make, many relationships you have to make work,
create or let go, yes there are even many more dreams you have to make into reality. Dearest, ma’s and sirs, it is time to take your boat and cross the sea, it is time to make your wife proud, it is time to put smile on mama’s face, it is time to let your daughter say to her friends, ‘yes! That’s my pa, that’s my ma, they are real super heroes.

I say to you, it is time to prove them wrong, it is time to learn from 2016, refine your experiences, fears and disappointment because you need it all as a lighting torch. You must keep the lights on and fire burning,delay is not delay at all, it’s not time to put the gas off, ignite it. It is time to make your community, society, avenue or province proud, it is time you are announced to the world, it is time to let your talents change lives, reach out to many and bless the world. You are a corner stone, you don’t have to remain rejected.

Beyond all, even as the tempest falls, God is with you, let your soul soar on God’s mercy. Let God lead you. Ask for His will and walk in the light of His glorious ruins and reigns. RISE Up, Stand Tall, let your heart be stead fast, Love all, Love right, Live right. These are the words that cling on the strength of God, It’s Badiru’s, Make it yours too, I have left the message God sent me to the world.

To my esteemed readers, friends, colleagues, family, teachers, researchers, mentors, proteges, scholars, students, brothers and sisters in faith, thank You for 2016. HAPPY NEW YEAR ya’all.

©Badiru Kehinde (Poet,Story teller,Essayist,Freelnace researcher and writer) 2017
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This morning I tuned in to my headphones listening to James Fortune. He sang, “you don’t my story”. Some people have seen where God has brought you from but they don’t know where He is taking you to,it is only through the testimonies that they’d believe and see the works of the most high.

Find me a man who doesn’t have a story and I will find you a Nigerian politician who is not corrupt. Every man has a story, what we do not have equally is the opportunity to tell that story. We often find the celebrities come out today on their various social media platforms to share their past of how they’ve suffered, hawking in traffic, serving in restaurants or even scavenging before opportunity caught up with them. We appreciate and love these stories forgetting we have, and are stories ourselves.

The world awaits your story too. It is one which would make a difference. I reach out to millions today to tell you that you must keep on with life, passion and purpose. Your story will make the difference if only you don’t give up at the edge of glory. It may appear now the world isn’t paying the attention to you the same way many wouldn’t give attention to this. There’s a thousand thing you want to say, sing, write, paint or explain to the world but no one cares to listen. Keep on, it is part of the story, a difference will be made through and from you. Happy day.

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  ©Badiru Kehinde 2016
(Poet,Fiction writer,Motivational writer,Graduate Student)
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     I’m well sure many don’t even know him, not to talk of remembering him. Well, it’s the configuration the system we find ourselves has made. For history’s case and sake, Sumonu Oladele Giwa born on March 16, 1947 from the prestigious Ile-Ife died October 19, 1986 (Age 39)in Ikeja ,Lagos. He remains the journalist if not the most prominent to have died by a Mail bomb explosion as a present from the demons in governance then.
         We find these demons in the nation’s farmland today harvesting the wealth of the land, milking the nation’s purse dry and uprooting every form of justice and voices of truth. Dele Giwa was a journalist who the government of General Ibrahim Babangida felt was too taciturn over and keen on truth. He died two days after he had been interviewed by State Security Service officials (SSS).He was seen as too revolutionary and  he did this through his Newswatch which was set up in 1984. This paper is said to have revolutionalized Nigeria print media. He was a model of truth, stood for truth and wanted the best for the nation. His pen shed tears today exactly 30 years ago when he was assassinated. This cycle has been, and will continue. Those who stand for truth are either shuffled out of existence, incarcerated or enticed with federal packages which keeps their lips sealed.
       In a nation many have said is not ripe for self-rule and probably needs a recolonization according to Republican candidate, Donald Trump are leaders who plunge the nation’s ship to capsizing and have no dream for the nation and the people. Let Dele Giwa be a model for all of us.  I’m writing this to Nigerians particularly youths who are waiting on the government to make life better and help them achieve destiny and fulfill purpose. Your destiny is in your hands, not that of our leaders. Let me remind you as I end my whistling that the pockets and stomachs are the concerns of leadership in Nigeria, not you or your life. They less have us in hearts. Today, the world remembers Dele Giwa as a hero and a mighty pen that lives on.
        To this end, there are complications behind Dele Giwa’s death which you’d be interested to know, his background and life which is one to draw inspiration from. I drop my gong and sip my emu. Ride on!

©Badiru Kehinde
(Poet, Essayist, Fiction Writer, Grad. Student, Osun Student University)
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Just yesterday when American singer and songwriter Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel Prize in literature, questions have been raised on the basis of selection which traditionally is supposed to be focused on fiction writers, poets and playwrights. These were literary expressions which used to be criterias for awarding this prize.

PM News wrote, “He is the first American to win since the novelist Toni Morrison, in 1993. The announcement, in Stockholm, came as something of a surprise. Although Mr. Dylan, 75, has been mentioned often as having an outside shot at the prize, his work does not fit into the literary canons of novels, poetry and short stories that the prize has traditionally recognized”. Although, the award has had its way into Africa through winners like our very own Wole Soyinka, Nigeria (1986) with Camus, Albert Algeria (1957), Maathai, Wangari Kenya (2004)
Theiler, Max South Africa (1951, Luthuli, Albert John South Africa (1960). However, Senior research fellow at The University of Ibadan, Institute of African studies, Dr. Senayon Olaoluwa wrote, “The Nobel Prize for Literature has refused to come Africa’s way again…wahala no dey…It’s good news for popular culture, anyway. Congratulations to Bob Dylan!”.

Similarly Literary scholar, Dr. Rotimi Fasan  has this to say; “Do you still wonder whether it’s scholarly to see poetry in Dagrin, 9ice or P Square to say nothing of Sunny Ade?  When some wondered if African oral forms are worthy of the name literature, can such people tell us why an American folk singer can or  should be awarded a major prize in literature. Expand your definition of literature and the literary which is not necessarily only what you were taught inside the four walls of a school”

This goes to say that literature today is changing and the walls which it used to be trapped are basically expanding. If a folk singer can be awarded a Nobel Prize, an Hip-hop artist,Country, soul,smoothjazz or jazz music could also someday. One battle the African continent had to fight was the renegotiation of the fact that Africa had her indigenous oral forms which the west have tried on several occasions to debunk. Well  I’m watching out for the likes of Brenda Russel, Drake, Adele, The Weekend, Solange, Rihana, Brian Cubertson, John Mayer, Jonathan Butler, Anita Baker,  etc to probably get an award someday. LOL just a take. Consider our very own Sunny Ade, the musical legend who just celebrated his 70th birthday. Essays are being received by the centre of African studies, University of Ibadan in order to celebrate the legend.  It’s an exploration of the intersection between Juju music and literature and the aesthetics each of these artises dedicate to their musical art. This supports the claim that there is a need to see literature differently.

It’s not new that the study of literature in the scholarly sense of it has left the pages of the three genres, what we have today is a cross breed of genres, a mix of these traditional forms even with the recent digital and new media devices which we have at our finger tips today. The study of literature today is becoming a honeymoon, a bed of roses and really something to live with, in and for.

©Badiru Kehinde
(Poet, Essayist, Fiction Writer, Grad. Student, Osun Student University)
(Badagry) 14/10/16
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Features: REWRITING THE PAGES OF ISIDIORE OKPEWHO (For Isidiore Okpewho 1941-2016) By Badiru Kehinde


It was Markus Zasak who wrote; “time will tell, I suppose, or at least these pages will”. Indeed, for Isidiore, his pages have told great stories which would not elude from our memories. I remember the time I studied pages from your book; ‘Oral Performance in Africa’, there was a connection and innuendo which each page resonated.  The rhythms were beyond what my lips could carry and like Finnegan opined in her ‘An introduction to African Oral Literature’, I could feel a performance going on in my head.
        You wrote those pages from a chain of words which would later touch , reach, preach, inspire, reawaken the literary giants in our hearts and create more literary converts. I think. Did I just say think? I meant know, pardon me.  I know I am one of those who wished to meet you personally sometime in life and talk to your muse and not just the meetings we have had consistently on your pages and letters which the forest of letters would miss now that you are gone. Days ago, your death was announced and it shook the literary world. Even Osundare lamented, “a great tree has fallen in our forest of letters”. You therefore leave us with tender moments and reverberating sounds.
       Your words and pages showed and proved that you were a literary titan and not merely a voice in African Literature and literary studies. In order for the younger generation to remember their ancestry, history, and rich indigenous traditions, he wrote and contributed immensely to literatures in African Oral Literature particularly placing emphasis on the oral loves and the nuances it leaves on our heartthrobs. Isidiore was a novelist, poet, literary scholar, folklorist, linguist, anthropologist amongst other titles my small words would not be able to capture. Indeed, he has performed his last duty, however, I want you to know that the tides were unfair to have taken you now. If only words could bring you back. Well, that may seem all impossible but possible in our heads and hearts and on the pages you wrote. Today, I call you by your rightful  name, Isidiore Okpewho.
        Someone wrote; ‘for the mind that knows is the mind that is free’. You knew and now you are free from the storms and sad songs of this season. The younger generation can only but rewrite the pages you wrote because it still lingers in our hearts. Our minds strole in your erudition and there is a place you left us all in. We will meet you in the forest of letters when it is time. But for now, let us get a gourd of palm wine, get a pen and rewrite the pages of Isidiore Okpewho and chant his praise in Osundare’s market place.

For Isidiore Okpewho (1941-2016)
He is survived by his wife, Obiageli, his children: Ediru, Ugo and Onome.

Works cited:
Finnegan, Ruth. Oral literature in Africa. Cambridge, UK: Open Book publishers, CIC Limited.  2012.

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Isidiore, Okpewho. African Oral Literature: Background, character, and continuity. Bloomington, IN. Indiana University Press. 1992.


Motivational Lick: ***THE LIMITS AIN’T LIMITS By Badiru Kehinde ***

They call You names for doing what your heart wants you to do,please keep doing it.Don’t join the world because you are tired of hearing friends who keep calling you ‘Church girl or Church boy’,’Joseph the dreamer’,Visioner, Builder of Castles in thin air’ and what have you.Your life is not determined by the feelings,pleasure,satisfaction or interest of other people.

Look at the great men and women of today;learn from their stories;
**President Obama took a loan to go to school…

**Pastor Sam Adeyemi from one of his books narrated he worked on construction sites as a youth…

**Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo would always wake up very early in the morning to hawk bread for his aunt…

**Steve Jobs had issues in loaning some money from friends,they never believed in his dreams…

**Stevie wonder was born premature and blind from birth,today he’s a world class pianist,singer and grammy award winner becoming a major influence to several artises including myself…

**Benjamin Carson was concluded a dullard by his class teacher…

**’My experience is quite similar, the same teacher who told me I lacked vocal expression back in High School is now one of my favourite readers of my literary works,she never misses reading them’…Badiru Kehinde

**Some others who topped their class from behind back in school are now rich business moguls and entertainers topping the business world rankings and the Bill Board Chart respectively.

**Bill Gates’ first business; Traf-O-Data failed wholefully but he never gave up. He decided not to see the limita as limits and today that decision has made him the world’s second richest man just rising from the position of being the first.

**Oprah Winfrey bounced around various Baltimore news stations, including one that fired her for getting too emotionally invested in stories. Her demotion to daytime TV proved a blessing in disguise, and by 30 she had the highest-rated talk show in Chicago.

**Ang Lee; After earning his master of fine arts, Lee spent six years as a stay-at-home husband while his film career stalled. Ashamed, but not limited by limits, he briefly considered a career in computer science until his wife, the family’s sole earner, urged him to continue pursuing his dream.

** Walt Disney; At 24, he had Oswaldo the Rabbit, his first successful cartoon character, stolen from him by Universal Studios. At 25, MGM told him no one would ever like Mickey Mouse. At one point in his twenties, Disney was so poor that he resorted to eating dog food.
Walt Disney’s vision of his animations was also once ridiculed by people…

So many instances are of note,let’s reflect on these few I could offer.See Ladders in Limits,See every no as an opportunity for a better yes.On a final note,be yourself,endure the hardship,face criticisms,they don’t make you less strong,it only helps you to grow stronger thereby becoming better.

In the words of Mary J Blidge ‘In each tear,there is a lesson,it makes you wiser than before’

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Some group of high school boys went to a grocery located in the suburb.After purchasing what they needed,three of them decided to use the elevator,the last decided to use the stairs.

He decided to climb the stairs in 2’s,hence missed his step and fell off…If he had been told he’d fall off,he’d have argued it out.The same applies to majority of us.The SCRIPT to our lives had been written already but it’s left to us to edit how we want the font size,font format,spacing, and cover page to look like.

We are the chief editors of our lives.Those who face a death penalty or failure today decided it for themselves.It ain’t part of the script…Probabaly they re-edited wrongly.
You are the Chief Editor…Edit Well***Your’s Truly

Written: Badiru Kehinde A. Copyright 2015 as Inspired by Adekola Samson
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