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PO3M: Love’sVERSE By Badiru Kehinde

PO3M: #LOVE’sVERSE By Badiru Kehinde

No Rhyme,
No Reason,
No Connection,

Never a time,
Though it ends in treason,
A story without perfection.

Come to Me,
So he said is tale of love,
A place where we’ll be free,
Secret verses only royalties have.

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‘GENESIS OF LOVE’ Badiru Kehinde

Something went across my mind,
It seems as though it’s it
Of which I so much find,
To do nothing but stay with.

“If BiRtHdAy CeLeBrATioN was a daily routine,no sane man would think of hanging himself”…Badiru Kehinde…That’s the genesis of LOVE,
LOVE of espousal is the LOVE of God,

LOVE your destiny…Though your beginning may be small thereof,greatly will your future increase.

LOVE your friend,Love your enemies more

LOVE your purpose by living purposefiully

LOVE who you are,don’t try to be better or lesser than another person,challenge your potentials

LOVE your nature…No comparism

LOVE you,LoVe the beauty of the world and not the world itself

LOve love so that Love will Love you in a lovely manner

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Written: Badiru Kehinde 31/07/2014 28CC09AC
LOVE youuuuuuuuuu……

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