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Are you a Nigerian youth concerned about what we were, what we are now and where we want to be, then this is for you. The Nigerian dream is a project which is geared towards repositioning the nation for a sustainable development. It sets out to achieve this by the hands of writers. Art shouldn’t be for arts’ sake, even Achebe noted that every writer has a role to perform in his society therefore if our society is sick; it affects us as well.

Must be of Nigerian descent (either living home or in Diaspora)
18 years and above
Must be familiar with the country’s  contemporary situation
Must have written previous literary works.

To Participate
Send your full name (or pen name), location, sex and an attachment of a couplet (2 line poem) or an article of not more than 450 words on the theme “My Nigeria: sustainable development, the past and present, the way forward” to the email:

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Post on Instagram any picture with a touch of white or green or any other with mention the hash tag #OneNigerianDream with regranning, reposting and liking.

Use the hash tag more often

The most appealing entries with the theme on focus would be selected on merit which will form the final works that would be published on October 1, 2016 12pm GMT on all social media platforms and contributors would be credited and entitled to the PDF format of the work.

NB: Submission is open to all and entry closes by September 25 12am GMT
#OneNigerianDream ‘Hope for a transformation’
Proudly supported.

Connect with us:
Facebook: One Nigerian Dream
Instagram:  OneNigerianDream
#OneNigerianDream ‘Hope for a transformation’



FOr A Lecturer and Friend

‘Of man’s first disobedience,and the fruit of that forbidden tree………. ***

‘What course did you say you are even studying,owo ti wo gbo oooo’ LOL………***

‘There is a preponderance of…..***

These are the few little words my mind could remember because I was too busy staring at His Lips trying to study how he articulate his words and strategically align the vocabulary of words that emanate from His mouth

He’d never force a lecture on you…He understands nature…He’s not just a lecturer,He’s one of those few that are teachers***

He’s never with notes…He just hold in his hands the literature texts he wants to analyze***

***Though we got so close not long you left for a greater height…Still your influence lingers in my life

You were encouraging and inspiring

**—I could remember He edited one of my poems; “NIGHT”

I thought of what to write for a writer and scholar that you are but these were the little I could offer from my Pen…

#IcelebrateYOU Professor Senanyon Olaoluwa HBD
‘If You Learn to celebrate people,people will celebrate you too’ Badiru Kehinde All Rights Reserved…

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When Children’s day is pronounced,you’d hear some people saying; ‘I’m not a child,it’s for little children’.However they seem to forget what it truly means to be a child.
‘Children’ are the heritage of God
The birth of a ‘Child’ have repaired some broken homes.
The birth of a ‘Child’ led to the continuity of some generations.
The birth of a ‘Child’ is an hope for posterity,

Before God we are ‘CHILDREN’…Before our parents,we are Children,A protege is a ‘chiild’ to his or her mentor…
A day worth celebrating…Reaching oiut to those children on the streets,those in tears,those who are secretely abused,those in the motherless babies homes,those under the bridge and along the boulevard,those in custody as juveline deliquents,those in the midst of kidnappers and child right’s violators…
For the Chibok Girls #Bringbackourgirls …Stay strong for you’ll find freedom soon,For as many who would not celebrate because of insurgence and uprisings…

I Love You,We Love You,The world Loves you and God loves You…
Dedicated to the CHIIBOK ABDUCTED GIRLS and to CHILDREN all over the world #BringbackOurGirls

Written by Badiru Kehinde
Twitter@keji_banks BB: 28CC09AC
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It’s not about me but you getting inspired by His inspiration…C 2014




“Don’t worry about it,Do something about it”…Yea I know you are surprised why I started with that quote.It’s just what I wanted to tell you,don’t worry over it,just take a bold step and do something about it….2013 has lived life to its fullest,in the sight of God,the year didn’t go against God’s predestined plan of 52 weeks.The year obeyed God…The question is this;in the sight of God,was our 2013 worth presentable and if He were to grade us,what would be your grade,what would be mine?

Well my dear,never worry about that because GOD doesn’t focus on our past,He is more concerned about the future of you & me.That’s the more reason why we have NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS.There were some things we outlined & promised to attain by the beginning of 2013,however due to some reasons we were not able to.I want you to know that it is never too late for you.It is never  too late for GOD to use you to prove His might to others today.

What NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS should look like;
*It all starts with GOD,We were made by His purpose and for His purpose.Let us focus more on Him this new year.

*Grab your sketch pad,make an outline of the newly positive things you’d want to do in this new year.

*Learn the art of saving…after receiving your personal income,the deduction of tax,payment of thithes and offerings…Remember to leave a part which is meant to be saved,at least if not for transactionary motives but for future/precautionary motives.

*Let your life be a difference this new year,Love more because success is not determined by the quantum of money in our bank account but in how we are able to touch people’s lives positively.

*Decide to develop skills,read more because readers are leaders.Never overlook anything,there is a meaning in every trash.

*In our careers & jobs…Let’s become different & indispensible.

*There is no chance for carry overs but breakthroughs…I urge you to reach out,go beyond the boundaries,believe in GOD,believe you can do it,believe in the word POSSIBILITY.

   I pray GOD gives us the support,strength,grace to have bountiful harvests in 2014…Remember,without HIM we are nothing…This is my first official post for 2014.
From Me to You: Happy New Year dearies!!!

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‘It’s not about me but you getting inspired by His inspiration’™
©Badiru Kehinde 1/1/14




In 365 days,52 weeks,12 months…So many people were with me,while some pushed me closer to my dreams,some remained uncontributive,however in one way or the other,they all contributed to my life.

I’m using this podium to say a very big THANK YOU to everyone.Thank you for being there for me through thick and thin,thank you for your encouragements,prayers,constructive criticisms,love and affection and I pray that GOD uphold us in this new year.

To my esteemed readers on my blog and on my motivational platform Thanks for always reading and sharing your takes.My immense gratitude goes to my colleagues,my co-penners…I may underestimate you if I start mentioning names but I want you to know that I have you all in my heart.Thank You all for making me believe in myself,because you made me see reasons why I’m living to inspire others.

All the glory belongs to GoD,All I have to say is Thank You Lord.I wish you all a wonderful year ahead.Expect a lot more this 2014 *winks****Do keep your fingers crossed.

‘It’s not about me but you getting inspired by His inspiration’™
Signed: Badiru Kehinde (Keji_banks)