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     I’m well sure many don’t even know him, not to talk of remembering him. Well, it’s the configuration the system we find ourselves has made. For history’s case and sake, Sumonu Oladele Giwa born on March 16, 1947 from the prestigious Ile-Ife died October 19, 1986 (Age 39)in Ikeja ,Lagos. He remains the journalist if not the most prominent to have died by a Mail bomb explosion as a present from the demons in governance then.
         We find these demons in the nation’s farmland today harvesting the wealth of the land, milking the nation’s purse dry and uprooting every form of justice and voices of truth. Dele Giwa was a journalist who the government of General Ibrahim Babangida felt was too taciturn over and keen on truth. He died two days after he had been interviewed by State Security Service officials (SSS).He was seen as too revolutionary and  he did this through his Newswatch which was set up in 1984. This paper is said to have revolutionalized Nigeria print media. He was a model of truth, stood for truth and wanted the best for the nation. His pen shed tears today exactly 30 years ago when he was assassinated. This cycle has been, and will continue. Those who stand for truth are either shuffled out of existence, incarcerated or enticed with federal packages which keeps their lips sealed.
       In a nation many have said is not ripe for self-rule and probably needs a recolonization according to Republican candidate, Donald Trump are leaders who plunge the nation’s ship to capsizing and have no dream for the nation and the people. Let Dele Giwa be a model for all of us.  I’m writing this to Nigerians particularly youths who are waiting on the government to make life better and help them achieve destiny and fulfill purpose. Your destiny is in your hands, not that of our leaders. Let me remind you as I end my whistling that the pockets and stomachs are the concerns of leadership in Nigeria, not you or your life. They less have us in hearts. Today, the world remembers Dele Giwa as a hero and a mighty pen that lives on.
        To this end, there are complications behind Dele Giwa’s death which you’d be interested to know, his background and life which is one to draw inspiration from. I drop my gong and sip my emu. Ride on!

©Badiru Kehinde
(Poet, Essayist, Fiction Writer, Grad. Student, Osun Student University)
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Just yesterday when American singer and songwriter Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel Prize in literature, questions have been raised on the basis of selection which traditionally is supposed to be focused on fiction writers, poets and playwrights. These were literary expressions which used to be criterias for awarding this prize.

PM News wrote, “He is the first American to win since the novelist Toni Morrison, in 1993. The announcement, in Stockholm, came as something of a surprise. Although Mr. Dylan, 75, has been mentioned often as having an outside shot at the prize, his work does not fit into the literary canons of novels, poetry and short stories that the prize has traditionally recognized”. Although, the award has had its way into Africa through winners like our very own Wole Soyinka, Nigeria (1986) with Camus, Albert Algeria (1957), Maathai, Wangari Kenya (2004)
Theiler, Max South Africa (1951, Luthuli, Albert John South Africa (1960). However, Senior research fellow at The University of Ibadan, Institute of African studies, Dr. Senayon Olaoluwa wrote, “The Nobel Prize for Literature has refused to come Africa’s way again…wahala no dey…It’s good news for popular culture, anyway. Congratulations to Bob Dylan!”.

Similarly Literary scholar, Dr. Rotimi Fasan  has this to say; “Do you still wonder whether it’s scholarly to see poetry in Dagrin, 9ice or P Square to say nothing of Sunny Ade?  When some wondered if African oral forms are worthy of the name literature, can such people tell us why an American folk singer can or  should be awarded a major prize in literature. Expand your definition of literature and the literary which is not necessarily only what you were taught inside the four walls of a school”

This goes to say that literature today is changing and the walls which it used to be trapped are basically expanding. If a folk singer can be awarded a Nobel Prize, an Hip-hop artist,Country, soul,smoothjazz or jazz music could also someday. One battle the African continent had to fight was the renegotiation of the fact that Africa had her indigenous oral forms which the west have tried on several occasions to debunk. Well  I’m watching out for the likes of Brenda Russel, Drake, Adele, The Weekend, Solange, Rihana, Brian Cubertson, John Mayer, Jonathan Butler, Anita Baker,  etc to probably get an award someday. LOL just a take. Consider our very own Sunny Ade, the musical legend who just celebrated his 70th birthday. Essays are being received by the centre of African studies, University of Ibadan in order to celebrate the legend.  It’s an exploration of the intersection between Juju music and literature and the aesthetics each of these artises dedicate to their musical art. This supports the claim that there is a need to see literature differently.

It’s not new that the study of literature in the scholarly sense of it has left the pages of the three genres, what we have today is a cross breed of genres, a mix of these traditional forms even with the recent digital and new media devices which we have at our finger tips today. The study of literature today is becoming a honeymoon, a bed of roses and really something to live with, in and for.

©Badiru Kehinde
(Poet, Essayist, Fiction Writer, Grad. Student, Osun Student University)
(Badagry) 14/10/16
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Are you a Nigerian youth concerned about what we were, what we are now and where we want to be, then this is for you. The Nigerian dream is a project which is geared towards repositioning the nation for a sustainable development. It sets out to achieve this by the hands of writers. Art shouldn’t be for arts’ sake, even Achebe noted that every writer has a role to perform in his society therefore if our society is sick; it affects us as well.

Must be of Nigerian descent (either living home or in Diaspora)
18 years and above
Must be familiar with the country’s  contemporary situation
Must have written previous literary works.

To Participate
Send your full name (or pen name), location, sex and an attachment of a couplet (2 line poem) or an article of not more than 450 words on the theme “My Nigeria: sustainable development, the past and present, the way forward” to the email:

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For the next 21 days, increase your chances by supporting the ONE NIGERIAN DREAM by posting on your social media platforms commentaries on the situations of the country and quotes on national development with the hash tag #OneNigerianDream

Post on Instagram any picture with a touch of white or green or any other with mention the hash tag #OneNigerianDream with regranning, reposting and liking.

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The most appealing entries with the theme on focus would be selected on merit which will form the final works that would be published on October 1, 2016 12pm GMT on all social media platforms and contributors would be credited and entitled to the PDF format of the work.

NB: Submission is open to all and entry closes by September 25 12am GMT
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AFRICA MUST BE EMANCIPATED (Kenyan Massacre 2/04/15)


147 Promising destinies were shattered on the 2nd on April,2015 in a Kenyan University as they were massacred by 6 members from the Al-Shabab militant group.You think of what to wear tomorrow 05/04/2015;Easter Sunday,remember the dead won’t be able to do that and I’m quite sure they did had plans…

Just 2 days later,the world has moved on,even the so called West that claims to be a policing force of the Global South.We refer to 147 souls as though we talk of just mere numbers.

Can you imagine 147 buckets at your front,how crowdy and clumsy it would be.That’s how clumsy the international system has become.It’s no more international justice but international prejudice and long for selfishness.

Let the world rise up,Africa must be emancipated from racial subjugation,insecurity and greed…There’s beauty in being BLACK,there’s value in being AFRICAN…I Call on the entire world to rise up and fight for the safety,security of and peace in the African continent.

Article Written: BADIRU KEHINDE A. (Nigerian)
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ASUU + FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SAGA (A change is needed) A Letter from Badiru Kehinde to the Fed. Govt. & the Ministry of Education

Article Topic: ASUU + FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SAGA (A change is needed)


It is very tragic that there is a downtool in the higher educational system of Nigeria due to the federal government’s inability to fulfill the 2009 agreement it had with the Academic staff union of universities(ASUU).The union embarked on a nationwide strike on July 2nd due to the federal government’s defiance to honour the agreement it entered with the union in 2009.

Lecturers and teachers unarguably are supposed to be honoured negating the
controversial statement that goes thus;’The reward of teachers are in heaven”.It is so absurd that the intellectual icons,that is,the academics who necessitate the continuity of the chain of knowledge earn lesser when compared to the mere sit tight patriotic rebels who call themselves senators who earn over #106,000,000 as emolument every month,not to mention but a few,the other allowances attached.Education is supposed
to be given much priority but here in this nation called Nigeria,it is not spoken well of.I wonder if it is all about 2015 elections
as every electoral candidate are printing and pasting posters all over the places handbills,as well as causing fractions and factions in the assembly while the
educaional system is in a detriment.The federal government is sleeping,the ministry of education is busy playing dice while university undergraduates are at home redundant with our ladies turning into sex hawkers all over the street just as a means of livelyhood and the guys indulging in all sorts of illicit acts.         
Based on research findings,I found out that in Poland,there is free education from primary to the doctorate level,however,in Nigeria,it is not.Studets pay their fees with their parents hard earned money and some others with their own personal profits,but still yet,they cannot get value for what they are paying for.It’s a thing of shame,a big oneindeed when a four years university course spans up to a period of seven to eight years due to a ‘culture’ called ASUU strike.Hovever,after NYSC,fresh graduates strole about the streets,sleeping for days at the gate of industries all in the name of getting a job,some companies still require four years to eight years experience in their advert for job qualification and specification.Just this one question I ask you the employer;’where do you want them to get the experience from? Is it from their primary or secondary education’.Nigeria is so blessed with resources that even our animals are supposed to wear gold Rolex necklaces but here we find a family of seven being dealt with by hunger,but it is tagged ‘fasting’.We find the children of thefederal government officals studying abroad,exporting the people’s taxes through capital flight while our own universities are being locked up for months due to strike action.The federal government cannot pay the Union’s debt but they can sponsor their summer trip abroad…A tragedy indeed this is.

     To this end,as George Bernard Shaw said thus;”Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their
minds cannot change anything…This one statement the federal government must reflect upon before the nation’s educational system finally gets submerged in a mire of utmost extinction.We cannot sit down and watch things go wrong,a change is needed,we want a better education.

‘A Letter from Badiru Kehinde to the federal government and the Ministry of Education.

Ff Badiru Kehinde on Twitter@Keji_banks
Facebook:Badiru Kehinde
Fan page:Smooth motivation with Badiru kehinde
Written:2nd Sept,2013.