The Trial of EbolBolu (A short story by Badiru Kehinde)

*THE TRIAL OF EBOLABOLU* by Badiru Kehinde (A short humorous story)

+ooooops…Bolu rhetorted bending his wrist and twisting his neck.several thoughts ran through his mind,thoughts of his date today,thoughts of his unfinished assignments and the hercuilean chores…He siighs *Grabs a bucket and 2kg bag os salt*…makes way to the bathroom. Soon afterwards he though;…..’The Beach should be a better option’… Grabs towel,spongue,soap and puts on his slippers stroling to the beach which was as though is at the back of his house. On getting to the beach,he meets hiis boss having shower,friends and his radical landlord and landlady having a toast at the beach unclad.Tade his best friend was there. With an ebullient look,he could see him with an extension cable plugging the kettle…So shocked he turns to the other side seeing his girl friend with a boiling ring…’He screams confusingly not knowing what to do’….The shout of EBOLA by his kid brother wakes him up from his melodramatic dream…So it was a dream,he grabs his brother and makes his way to the kitchen….

written by Badiru Kehinde copyright 2014


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