Somewhere Somehow It Appears It’s CHRISTMAS
Today the World Celebrate the birth of a name JESUS which have been the Saving grace & mercy card to many over the years.
That name was from a lowly background but today is the most celebrated name in the entire universe.

Remember there’s Someone out there who doesn’t know that name JESUS & does not feel loved, Live today for them So that tomorrow will live to acknowledge You.

May this CHRISTMAS bring unto You & Me the joy, comfort, happiness, peace & fulfilment that’s there in…Here’s Wishing You a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays & a Fulfiling 2016.

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Motivational Lick: ***THE LIMITS AIN’T LIMITS By Badiru Kehinde ***

They call You names for doing what your heart wants you to do,please keep doing it.Don’t join the world because you are tired of hearing friends who keep calling you ‘Church girl or Church boy’,’Joseph the dreamer’,Visioner, Builder of Castles in thin air’ and what have you.Your life is not determined by the feelings,pleasure,satisfaction or interest of other people.

Look at the great men and women of today;learn from their stories;
**President Obama took a loan to go to school…

**Pastor Sam Adeyemi from one of his books narrated he worked on construction sites as a youth…

**Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo would always wake up very early in the morning to hawk bread for his aunt…

**Steve Jobs had issues in loaning some money from friends,they never believed in his dreams…

**Stevie wonder was born premature and blind from birth,today he’s a world class pianist,singer and grammy award winner becoming a major influence to several artises including myself…

**Benjamin Carson was concluded a dullard by his class teacher…

**’My experience is quite similar, the same teacher who told me I lacked vocal expression back in High School is now one of my favourite readers of my literary works,she never misses reading them’…Badiru Kehinde

**Some others who topped their class from behind back in school are now rich business moguls and entertainers topping the business world rankings and the Bill Board Chart respectively.

**Bill Gates’ first business; Traf-O-Data failed wholefully but he never gave up. He decided not to see the limita as limits and today that decision has made him the world’s second richest man just rising from the position of being the first.

**Oprah Winfrey bounced around various Baltimore news stations, including one that fired her for getting too emotionally invested in stories. Her demotion to daytime TV proved a blessing in disguise, and by 30 she had the highest-rated talk show in Chicago.

**Ang Lee; After earning his master of fine arts, Lee spent six years as a stay-at-home husband while his film career stalled. Ashamed, but not limited by limits, he briefly considered a career in computer science until his wife, the family’s sole earner, urged him to continue pursuing his dream.

** Walt Disney; At 24, he had Oswaldo the Rabbit, his first successful cartoon character, stolen from him by Universal Studios. At 25, MGM told him no one would ever like Mickey Mouse. At one point in his twenties, Disney was so poor that he resorted to eating dog food.
Walt Disney’s vision of his animations was also once ridiculed by people…

So many instances are of note,let’s reflect on these few I could offer.See Ladders in Limits,See every no as an opportunity for a better yes.On a final note,be yourself,endure the hardship,face criticisms,they don’t make you less strong,it only helps you to grow stronger thereby becoming better.

In the words of Mary J Blidge ‘In each tear,there is a lesson,it makes you wiser than before’

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Reference: Huffpost, Buzzfeed, Wikipedia
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“AUGUST 8” A Short Story By Badiru Kehinde

*AUGUST 8* A Short Story…
*** ‘You better come and open this door now or I’ll blow your head up, Skibo I go waste this people oooo’, this, one of the robbers said while peering into the window of the room where Ednihek and his brother slept. His voice was as thick as that of an ex convict in Harelm. Ednihek and Abala were dead asleep, even the weather had so made their sleep so graceful. The night was mild but the rainfall was such an epic that just wouldn’t stop. Still enjoying their dreamland, Abala could hear the shouts from behind the window, ‘Abi this people deaf ni’, come and open the door, we are here’. Abala who is much younger quickly woke up in fear and anxiety giving his elder brother, Ednihek a punch on his face, probably that would make him arise from his useless sleep and realize they are actually not sleeping alone and have ‘visitors of the night waiting to enter into their palace of robbery’. That was just August 3rd; Abala quickly left the room for his dad’s who has already woken up scavenging for the cutlass in the storehouse. The visitors were in already, pouncing on Mr. Alani their father who was not quick to find the cutlass. Voices filled the room, Abala, Ednihek , their two sisters and a cousin with mum were all marched like the German fleet to the living room.

*** Not much was stolen, just a key holder Ednihek had bought a night before, a palm slipper(s) he also bought to wear in 5 days time; August 8 later for his Post UTME in the prestigious OAU, Abala’s Play Station 2 was also carted away, and surprisingly no one would ever imagine that gentlemen of the night also get bored and find pleasure in playing video games. The ‘Psalm 23’ Abala was reciting for over a thousand times in his heart did not make him more concerned about his PS 2 that would no longer be his anymore in few hours. Mr. Alani’s pant trousers and shoes were stolen also, their Mum also hid the money meant for Ednihek’s Post UTME underneath the bed which was stolen anyway. Pelumi and Oyinda, the eldest of the girls were almost raped but thank God for mum’s intervention and motivational speech; ‘Please they are little girls, they are on their period’. Shadow as he’s called by his fellow robbers who appeared already pulling his trouser shouted; ‘Shoroninyen’

****Still reviving from the trauma of that night, Ednihek puts his luggages in order, his father spoke; ‘You have to manage yourself ooo when you get to OAU campus, find where to sleep when you are through with your exam, you know the thieves took all the money I reserved for AUSGUST 8 which is your day of Post Utme. Ednihek was seen almost looking like a refugee, ‘Driver mi o duro ni Mayfare ooo, Campus ni maa ti bole’. The driver scolds,’ Bole bayii oo, mi oo lo campus ooo’. Seemingly confused, Ednihek alighted at the Campus gate with his big travelling box around 9:45am from Iyana-Ipaja, Lagos. Obviously it was his first visit to the State of Osun as he looked carelessly like a window shopper lost in ‘Shop Rite’. He could see other students bigger and some even smaller than he is. He really didn’t know where he’s headed to and his exam is in the next 1 hour. He stopped a ‘poff poff’ seller to buy 50 naira own, at least that should carry him for some while. Today, AUGUST 8 is a day he has envisaged and fantasized about, and would not let the remembrance of the robbery on his family 5 days ago spoil the fun, the thought of how he’ll destroy the questions in the exam hall, how he’ll likely meet the girl of his dreams. He sits meticulously while observing the big girls and big boys as they pass by. He could count several cars which had in it a man, supposedly a father driving on the left hand and a small boy or girl his height at the left. Without doubt, they were also Post UME candidates whose parents will not risk leaving them coming to OAU alone. ‘Hey Ednihek, waoh! So you’re here too, nice to see you’, it was the voice of one of his mates from the tutorial centre where he prepared for the exam. ‘Okay Tade, takia, break a leg in the hall oooo’, Ednihek said laughing as he waved at the runaway angel. As he turned to leave, he looked left and his eyes caught a beautiful mistress who was talking over there with another guy, she was laughing so much, probably the guy was the reason. Ednihek felt jealous feeling he was the reason for her laughter. After several minutes of contemplation, he summoned courage to get in between the union. ‘Hey’ Ednihek said, clustering in between the two of them. Watch it boy, what’s your problem, don’t you have manners’, the mistress said. Ednihek felt shut in the mouth and stammered; ‘I…I….I was about to say….’. The other guy replied swiftly, ‘say what’. ‘I mean…’ replied Ednihek. As he moved to and fro trying to articulate his words, he realized the head of his belt had disbanded from the belt, his trouser fell slowly towards the ground, he quickly supports it with his hands taking to his heels for a safe haven where he could fix the head of the belt once and for all and afterwards go back to the fish he just caught. The girl and the boy laughed their asses out. Every corner he turned to that appeared silent had an average of 15 students chatting together…

GLOSSARY: ‘Poff Poff; a pidgin name for a snack made from flour
Translation of the Yoruba used: ‘Driver mi o duro ni Mayfare ooo’(Driver I’ll not alight at Mayfair {a place in Ife, Osun})
‘Campus ni maa ti bole’ (I’ll alight at the campus). The driver scolds,’ Bole bayii oo, mi oo lo campus ooo’ (Alight here, I won’t get to the campus)
NB: What inspired this story is my decision to dedicate a Piece to every POST UTME Candidate of 2015 who’s writing their Post UTME today for OAU…4 Years ago was my own experience too…
This is based on a true life story…Go back to the entire story, Re-write EDNIHEK from the back, Re-write ABALA from the back and see who it is…LOL Do you get it

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Short Story: ‘CONCEALMENT’ by Badiru Kehinde

Short Story: ‘CONCEALMENT’ by Badiru Kehinde

‘Like the rays of the sunlight,you colour my world….
Putting me in a trance from misery to ecstasy,
Melted by your love…for this day I am yours and you are mine;though life had cheated me…

Out of my mouth came these words as I held Abbey’s hands,caught between mixed feelings of love,nostalgia and downcast.My parents could not witness the day they have always told me to wait patiently for.My feelings were sour and accompanied by the whirling wind,so deem a night,desolate and dark.One could easily see the fireflies and hear the nocturnal bats echo.I turned,facing the window.The brightness of the moon could imitate the brightness of the diamond ring on my finger.It was just past 9pm,our wedding day.Not long,we were escorted home,a sub-urb of Ogba,Lagos state.
The memories hurt,remembering my parents being buried at our home town;Ede,a village in Osun state.Indeed,my world was torn apart.I was just 15 years old,with no other sibling,just one relative;popularly called madam Florence at Jakande area of Okokomaiko,Lagos state.She’s popular with her guest house business.Other family memebers decided I relocated to her place.She made my life look like a tragic whirlwind.She’d tell our olori-ebi;’Folake is doing fine and having a better life here in the city’.If maltreatment,starvation,molestation and exposition to prostitution was the definition of a good life,then the dictionary would have had a revised edition.A day did not pass by without the male genital organ seeing my nudity,an ordeal I struggled with.
Abbey was a different man.I thought I’d never love and trust any man again,but he was different.’Honey,what’s it,you were a thousand miles far away in thought.Tonight is our night,let’s make it happen’;He said as he made his way towards me.My tear drop fell on his hands as he tried to kiss me.I was in a dilemma whether to just tell him or keep it concealed.I hadn’t told him about my past experience on sensuality,it’s the only thing I made him bereft of.I made my way to the bed sitting at the down-side left of it.’Is there anything you are not telling me’,He asked inquisitively.
The words were lost in my mouth,I couldn’t find them,I couldn’t envisage how he’d handle it….Barely had I spoken,when he caressed me.The rest was history…

NB: This Short Story was sent in as an entry in the 2014 Etisalat Prize for Flash Fiction Contest.
NB: It first appeared on Hub201 website via http://www.hub201/concealment/

Badiru Kehinde Copywright 2015

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AFRICA MUST BE EMANCIPATED (Kenyan Massacre 2/04/15)


147 Promising destinies were shattered on the 2nd on April,2015 in a Kenyan University as they were massacred by 6 members from the Al-Shabab militant group.You think of what to wear tomorrow 05/04/2015;Easter Sunday,remember the dead won’t be able to do that and I’m quite sure they did had plans…

Just 2 days later,the world has moved on,even the so called West that claims to be a policing force of the Global South.We refer to 147 souls as though we talk of just mere numbers.

Can you imagine 147 buckets at your front,how crowdy and clumsy it would be.That’s how clumsy the international system has become.It’s no more international justice but international prejudice and long for selfishness.

Let the world rise up,Africa must be emancipated from racial subjugation,insecurity and greed…There’s beauty in being BLACK,there’s value in being AFRICAN…I Call on the entire world to rise up and fight for the safety,security of and peace in the African continent.

Article Written: BADIRU KEHINDE A. (Nigerian)
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***”A PRAYER FOR NIGERIA”*** By Badiru Kehinde
‘We all pray for ourselves,how many of us pray for Nigeria’…It saddens to know within me how the past heroes and patriots of the nation called Nigeria will feel;for the nation they never wished to end up like this,for their legacies which never lived more than their life time.Will their rest be in peace or in pieces?,Will the fasting and prayers they made be in vain upon a nation that’s not in one string concerned about praying for itself.

A nation where office miracle,pocket politics,stomach infrastructure,paper intelligence is the culture and order of the system.Above all,the little baby who was named by Flora Shaw cries for her citizens who praises it daily with curses and words of hopelessness and disbelief.A writer and mentor; Sola Owonibi said; ‘America prayed its way through to where it is now,where’s Nigeria now?’.He continued;’History will never forgive some people’… Sure it won’t for the time they had to pray for a dieing nation and they didn’t.

Let’s reach out to God,say a word of prayer daily for our nation Nigeria.America had its past,this is ours which will be a future some day if only we pray for it.Imagine a population that prays daily; ‘GOD BLESS NIGERIA’.

On the final note;these are words from a fellow Nigerian who see a better Nigeria.’We must pray for this country,even if it’s not for everyone,do it for yourself’…Sola Owonibi.

Article Written by BADIRU KEHINDE
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NB: This Article was published in ‘HEARTBEAT Magazine’;A faculty magazine of Osun State University,College of Humanites & Culture,Ikire.

PO3M: Love’sVERSE By Badiru Kehinde

PO3M: #LOVE’sVERSE By Badiru Kehinde

No Rhyme,
No Reason,
No Connection,

Never a time,
Though it ends in treason,
A story without perfection.

Come to Me,
So he said is tale of love,
A place where we’ll be free,
Secret verses only royalties have.

#BadiruKehindewrites #wetThePen 28cc09ac
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Photo credit:
Badiru Kehinde All Rights Reserved

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(Dedicated to the memory of the kids who lost their lives on 10/11/14 in the Yobe blast)

(Dedicated to the memory of the kids who lost their lives on 10/11/14 in the Yobe blast)
NB: Boko Haram’s bombing of a science secondary school in Yobe,North east Nigeria.


To the *Mon’sters* who killed our Morning’stars*…
Bading us goodbye to our world.

Shattered in our prime,
by your bombs that count in time.

*from the assembly ground,
to the assembly of body parts…found.

Your heriosm to end my days,
though we just started making hays…

Tears from my desolate mother,
makes her chin sag further…

You killed me to earn your paradise,
In expectation of ten wives.

I hope I’ll be one of them…
Where I’ll make You con*dem.

Written By Badiru Kehinde 11/11/14
All Rights reserved 2014 #LyricalThoughts

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Motivational : ‘NOTHING’

I found out ‘NOTHING’ is just an ordinary noun lying down in one corner of the dictionary…
NOTHING can move you,NOTHING can shake you,Not a thing,Not a scandal,Not critics,Not gossipers,Not your past;it only exists as a past and will remain a past.You’ve gotta let go….
NOTHING can define and decide your future more than your imagination.NOTHING outshines the role of self decision…NOTHING should make you hesitate…Don’t fear to take risks..Involve the GOD factor…NOTHING is too big to achieve,If you can think it you can do it
NOTHING can stop heaven’s purpose for you,Not your family,not your wrong relationships,not your status…Not your temprament..You are in charge,make decisions…We all live by decisions which either puts us at the right place or at the wrong place…NOTHING is more important than choice,make right ones..desire truth,pursue diligence..shape your life and see NOTHING as a better SOMETHING….Stay Motivated with #SmoothMotivationWithBadiruKehinde

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Written: Badiru Kehinde 28CC09AC All rights reserved
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FOr A Lecturer and Friend

‘Of man’s first disobedience,and the fruit of that forbidden tree………. ***

‘What course did you say you are even studying,owo ti wo gbo oooo’ LOL………***

‘There is a preponderance of…..***

These are the few little words my mind could remember because I was too busy staring at His Lips trying to study how he articulate his words and strategically align the vocabulary of words that emanate from His mouth

He’d never force a lecture on you…He understands nature…He’s not just a lecturer,He’s one of those few that are teachers***

He’s never with notes…He just hold in his hands the literature texts he wants to analyze***

***Though we got so close not long you left for a greater height…Still your influence lingers in my life

You were encouraging and inspiring

**—I could remember He edited one of my poems; “NIGHT”

I thought of what to write for a writer and scholar that you are but these were the little I could offer from my Pen…

#IcelebrateYOU Professor Senanyon Olaoluwa HBD
‘If You Learn to celebrate people,people will celebrate you too’ Badiru Kehinde All Rights Reserved…

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POEM; ‘AN ODE TO GARRI’ (In Praise Of Ikire)

“AN ODE TO GARRI” (in Praise of Ikire)

Tapped from cassava,
Rooted into mother earth.

Student’s best friend
Even when market women become hoarding agents…

What happens after a long lecture,
Brains emanciated by group works and the sun

Garri…quickest thought on my mind

You make me become friends with other hostel mates,
Who comes for you…

Though you’ve cuased troubles amongst roomies
Still they settle it with a bowl of you and panla fish

Garri o!!! A wonderful friend…
Decieving even the wealthy and pompous

Who can resisit the ‘ijebu’ version of you
Long live in my stomach…

Obada market glorifies you
Everyday you are reduced to kongos…

What do I owe you
***purewater and Ikire groundnut

Long Live the queen…Garri

Written by: Badiru Kehinde


Hit like if we fall into the same shoes

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This poem was inspired by an experience in the town where I’m currently studying,Ikire in Osun State where Osun State University is situated.
Badiru Kehinde All rights reserved Oct 2014
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***MBER Month….
Good People are dieing,
The wicked,evil and decietful ones are celebrating birthdays…
what A world of mistery***

***A diluted world…
Of shadows gone past
Revolver around evil’s landscape
***at ones prime…cuts in*

Yonder. Ponder**
If only death had an antidote**

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*******ECHOES OF DREAMS********
By Badiru Kehinde & Ademola Adedeji (NASELS;Osun State University,Ikire Campus)

Finally it’s here.What you’ve waited patiently and anticipated for.This is not one of those poem celebrating independence but a poem of reasoning and awareness of where the nation still remains for the past 5 decades…This is a poem of clamour for a better Nigeria,a reawakening of those dreams of our heroes past that have become mere echoes due to what you’ll see in the poem.Its a poem of renaissance.For your reading pleasure and sensitization…Enjoy!!!

By Badiru Kehinde and Ademola Adedeji

Our dreams still echoes, though of dreams ,seeings unreal,
In visions of old ,a tale largely untold,
We are forever hoping of forever,
You that may be, in a yonder shatter;
The belly is pregnant with beliefs and hopes,
yet but unseen by the midwives of old,
lies the glory we seek…
Woe to the good intentions and bad decision,
For our hopes and notions negate our reality(sation).

Here, a resounding sound of the drum beat,
This drum beat of dreams and feats to achieve,
…Mere echoes…of those heart desires,
Hindered by the ‘Big Bellies’ fliers.

The remnants of colonial rule…nationalists,
Whose struggles have been muted,
Our heroes past smiling in tears,
For their dreams that never became history.

Their dreams of unity,
shattered by the North-South bipolarity,
crippled by regional loyalty crisis,
in Ethnicism we never sought to have.

As I gaze on the cloud of poverty,
which gathering on the landform,
All drenched in the rain of illiteracy
and vices did pouring like virtues,
as And notions of education and knowledge fade off,
in the hopes of peace unborn in the womb of terrorism,
Death and destruction crossing the peoples path of individualism,,
Driving away the able agile actives neglecting from land cultivation,
As they set their admiration on Oil and petroleum dealings at the prime of mind’s admiration,
…Visions of food security as and yet masses feeding on to starve(ation).

This dream of food security,
With empty…Even the food basket…breeding in pauperscity,
As we wear the tag: Agriculture is prime over Oil becoming just a name,
Yet Crude oil…attracts all the fame.

I see a democracy sulk up by Corruption
eating deep roots of democracy,
Farmers cultivating lands for aristocracy,
Here I stand lonely on a tree and, pondering alone,
As I, watching as we sow the seed of underdevelopment,
Alas born by the child of selfishness and greed,
Largely nurtured depriving others access to the mother’s milk.

Ours, The dream of democracy,
Overwhelmed by the joy of ‘poketocracy’,
With Comrades singing hymns
of embezzlement, an ode to a Swiss account…
At independence,our bulbs are without filaments.

The dream of security…more of nightmares,
Our stories unfolding in fear,
Boko haram…a tale of several forests,
Our Bring back our peace…mere hashtag test.!

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Article: ‘You You You’

Some have lost messages that were meant for them,its boring to read this long stuffs…Well I hope you don’t neglect this

Why I am different,Why you are different… I don’t follow others,I do it my own way…You may snub at it but the real people will appreciate it,only real friends will appreciate your real self,they won’t persuade you to be like another person…You may say to yourself ‘Gosh I don’t get much attention as others’ Well attention only ends on the day of internment.Those who pushed you will only move on with the fun of life,it’s now left with how you spent your life on earth that determines where you spend eternity…They find you more attractive,they can’t be like you,so the try to paint you dim.That’s why a writer once wrote,’Those who hate you are your confused admirers,they can’t just figure out why every other person loves you’…Be Real,Be Yourself,Don’t change for anyone,Be Original,Be the Best Brand Of yourself…The real people will love the real You #Smoothmotivationwithbadirukehinde Add up 28CC09AC or ff@keji_banks for more inspiring srories…Badiru Kehinde copyright reserved
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POEM: “O! Angry Rain”

O! Angry Rain

What do I do in times like this,
When your anger has befallen
Upon the noble mother earth

What do I do when condensation has eaten you up,
And all you can do is to rage,
Descendng on trees and leaves
Leaving them in whirls and whispers

the homeless you’ve made more homeless,
Would you stop falling all day.
Causing erosion and wind

The car you stopped from moving freely
The pregnant woman you made wet
Because he’s got no umbrella
Keep falling…Keep tossing those dangling breasts

O! angry rain…

#wordsofthepen #Badirukehinde 26/09/14

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Potrait Art Work of Nigeria’s Nobel Laureate and Lterary gem; Professor Wole Soyinka.There is a connection between art and literature because they both involve imagination and creativity.He is a great mentor of mine and a blessing to the literary world.some of his works include (Drama) ‘Death and The King’s horseman’ ‘Madman and the Specialists’ (Poetry) ‘Telephone Conversation’, ‘Abiku’ and lots more

This painting was done by my brother ALABA BADIRU,a wonderful poet and artist.
Connect with him via
You’ll get to view his other works very soon,he’s still puttng some finishing touches on his blog…I would try to get it across.Thanks

Copyright reserved Badiru Kehnde 2014

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‘GENESIS OF LOVE’ Badiru Kehinde

Something went across my mind,
It seems as though it’s it
Of which I so much find,
To do nothing but stay with.

“If BiRtHdAy CeLeBrATioN was a daily routine,no sane man would think of hanging himself”…Badiru Kehinde…That’s the genesis of LOVE,
LOVE of espousal is the LOVE of God,

LOVE your destiny…Though your beginning may be small thereof,greatly will your future increase.

LOVE your friend,Love your enemies more

LOVE your purpose by living purposefiully

LOVE who you are,don’t try to be better or lesser than another person,challenge your potentials

LOVE your nature…No comparism

LOVE you,LoVe the beauty of the world and not the world itself

LOve love so that Love will Love you in a lovely manner

#LOVECORNER from #SmoothMotivatonwithBadirukehinde
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Written: Badiru Kehinde 31/07/2014 28CC09AC
LOVE youuuuuuuuuu……

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1.Think of those things that makes you happy.
2.Think of those precious memories that connects you with your true friends.
3.Don’t over deposit your trust in some particular friends,they may trade it for nothing.
4.Don’t snub those who care about you,it sucks.
5.Don’t say ill of them even in their absence.
6.Try to remain humble even if the proud ones make you look like a crap in front of other friends.
7.Don’t try to appreciate your worth,remain down to earth,the real friends will apreciate the real you.
8.Don’t try to impress friends,it works though but I tell you fake ones will love you temporarily but real ones will love you only if you have influenced them rather than impress them.
9.Don’t rebuke nags,try and help them curtail it.
10.Help your friends achieve their dreams but not at the detriment of yours.
11.Don’t try to be like one of them,there can be ONE of them but none can be ONE of ‘YOU’…
12.When you are pissed off by an attitude,walk away,trouble and arguments only severe the already built relationship.
13.When they stop talking to you,they’ve started talking about you,remain calm.
14.Don’t worry much if you don’t have a best friend,it helps most times.
15.Be careful of the friends you share your dreams and aspirations with.
16.Be wary of the friend you introduce your fiancee to (funny right)…
17.When you notice that whenever you talk they just nag,its either you’re versatile than they are or you are feeding them with gibberish materials.
18.You become the friends you walk with,choose good friends.
19.Good friends are good assets,if you need your assets to accrue,make good friends.
20.Don’t be scared of friends that will desert you,real friends stay,fake ones leave when they’ve got all they need from you.
…Hope you got something.

Written and compiled by Badiru Kehinde 28CC09AC
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(Dedicated To the memory of BINUYO DAVID)

Up and down I paced

With my eyes gazed

Looking for worthwhile answers

Like a messenger from Arkansas

My heart winks

For your great love that blinks

The precious memories

That cannot be complete in stories

The last historian

Even greater than World’s liberian

We love You more

But God loves most for sure


(FoR BINUYO DAVID: 19/08/2014 Sleep Well Bro)

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Badiru kehinde copyright 2014

The Trial of EbolBolu (A short story by Badiru Kehinde)

*THE TRIAL OF EBOLABOLU* by Badiru Kehinde (A short humorous story)

+ooooops…Bolu rhetorted bending his wrist and twisting his neck.several thoughts ran through his mind,thoughts of his date today,thoughts of his unfinished assignments and the hercuilean chores…He siighs *Grabs a bucket and 2kg bag os salt*…makes way to the bathroom. Soon afterwards he though;…..’The Beach should be a better option’… Grabs towel,spongue,soap and puts on his slippers stroling to the beach which was as though is at the back of his house. On getting to the beach,he meets hiis boss having shower,friends and his radical landlord and landlady having a toast at the beach unclad.Tade his best friend was there. With an ebullient look,he could see him with an extension cable plugging the kettle…So shocked he turns to the other side seeing his girl friend with a boiling ring…’He screams confusingly not knowing what to do’….The shout of EBOLA by his kid brother wakes him up from his melodramatic dream…So it was a dream,he grabs his brother and makes his way to the kitchen….

written by Badiru Kehinde copyright 2014



To those who would become leaders today.

Know that leaders automatically become followers through humility

Which makes great leaders quite honourable

Fail not to remember those you ran to when going up

Lest your negligence bring you down,

Team work is the spirit,

Change is the bus which you have to drive diligently and with unity.


Signed:25/7/14. #Osun State university college elections 2014
Badiru kehinde copyright

To Every Awesome Father Out there

(To Every Awesome FATHER out there).


I would not av competeted with other spermatozoa.

I would have been more naughty, all thanks to your lashes.

If not for You, mum would have been lonely,

she would have made herself an indoor housewife due to lonliness.

If not for you,My schoolfees will be hanging,though mum is a shareholder too…

My pocket money would have needed fasting and prayer…

If not for You,my christmas cloth will involve personal meeting with mum…

If not for You,mum would have given me little meat…

If not for You,I won’t write this today

Taking this time out to wish my Dad; ( Badiru A. Azeez ) Happy Father’s Day. Celebrate your Father by Liking,Sharing,BC…

Written and Signed by Badiru Kehinde @keji_banks 28CC09AC
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10 WAYS TO LIVE HAPPY :Badiru Kehinde
1.Smile Always
2. Wear Your best clothes
3.Encourage yourself in the Lord always
4. Meet new people
5.Stay around your loved ones
6.Focus on God
7.Live a life of purpose
8.Stay connected with the Holy spirit 9.Remniscence on precious memories 10.Remain motivated and inspired …Add Badiru Kehinde up 28CC09AC…Serve yourself by hashtag #Smoothmotivationwithbadirukehinde on FB or visit…31/08/14 Compiled by Badiru Kehinde…
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           Before the end of the day, let me remind you that today JANUARY 15th exactly about 53 years ago is a very important day in the history of Nigeria. “On Saturday, January 15, 1966, a pivotal day in the history of Nigeria” wrote Chinua Achebe in his book, ‘There was a Country’. That evening was a shifting storm for Nigeria. That evening, unbeknownst to most Nigerians, a military coup was being launched that would change Nigeria forever even till today.
            It is sad that this memory is coming now that the nation is a pool of confusion. However, history must be told for Nigeria had not anticipated it aside some creative writers such as Chinua Achebe and nobel laureate Wole Soyinka who like prophets had predicted the doom that was ahead for the newly independent nation. For instance, Achebe’s ‘A Man For The People’. The euphoria which came along with the status of independence was short lived as the civilian government couldn’t live up to the task and responsibilities expected of them. Many young African nations at this time rather than enjoy the rewards of independence were submerged in the disillusionment of seeing their freedom fighters become despots, their once united force becoming broken by the hammers  of greed, injustice and ineptitude and the cracks that came along with it.
          Although the Jan 15, 1966 has been termed by some as the Igbo-Coup. We must however know that on the lips of many Nigerians who lived then to witness the coup would term it a harvest of tragedy. Nigeria as a nation has often been too quick to affiliate every problem to ethnicity, thus, this even affects the way history is viewed. This date and the happenings hereafter are complex and has been a subject of debate for many historians and scholars of Comparative History till date. No wonder, the Biafran agitations is still fresh even till today. This coup led to the death of Nigeria’s first prime minister, Sir Tafawa Balewa.
          The 1966 Nigerian coup d’état on January 15, 1966, was the first military coup that was
carried out in Nigeria by junior officers. Maj. Kaduna Nzeogwu The coup d’état toppled the government of President Nnamdi Azikiwe and Prime Minister Tafawa Balewa thereby rewriting the political, social and military history of the country. The coup, though not completely successful, laid the foundation for coups and counter coups in Nigeria. 8 facts about the 1966 Nigerian coup d’état are attached below as shared by Naij:

1. In August 1965, 1 Yoruba and 4 Igbo Majors were beginning to plot a coup d’état against incumbent Prime Minister Abubakar Balewa.

2. It was one of the events that led to the Nigerian Civil War which started in 1967.

3. On January 15, 1966 Maj. Kaduna Nzeogwu decided to turn a night-time training exercise known as “Exercise Damisa” into a full blown military coup.

4. The coup was planned because according to the Majors, the men at the helm of affairs were running Nigeria aground with their corrupt ways.

5. The senior army officer, General Johnson Aguiyi-Ironsi, then used the coup as a pretext to annex power, ending Nigeria’s nascent democracy.

6. The officers involved on both sides of the coup are (Conspirators): Maj. Kaduna Nzeogwu (Igbo), Maj. Timothy Onwuatuegwu (Igbo), Maj. Emmanuel Ifeajuna (Igbo), Maj. Chris Anuforo (Igbo), Maj. Don Okafor (Igbo), Maj. Adewale Ademoyega (Yoruba), Maj. Humphrey Chukwuka (Igbo), Capt. Emmanuel Nwobosi (Igbo), Capt. Ben Gbulie (Igbo)and Capt. Ogbu Oji (Igbo).
Government officials include: Prime Minister Abubakar Balewa † (Bageri), Premier Ahmadu Bello † (Fulani), Premier Samuel Akintola (Yoruba), Finance Minister Festus Okotie-Eboh (Itsekiri), Gen. Johnson Aguiyi-Ironsi (Igbo), Brig. Samuel Ademulegun (Yoruba), Brig. Zakariya Maimalari (Kanuri), Col. Kur Mohammed (Kanuri), Col. Ralph Shodeinde † (Yoruba), Lt. Col. Yakubu Gowon (Ngas), Lt. Col. Abogo Largema (Kanuri), Lt. Col. James Pam (Berom), Lt. Col. Arthur Unegbe (Igbo), Lt. Col. Conrad Nwawo (Igbo) and Maj. Hassan Katsina (Fulani).

7. Nigerian soldiers led by Kaduna Nzeogwu assassinated 11 senior Nigerian politicians and two soldiers as well as kidnapping three others.

8. Some of those who were murdered in the 1966 coup include the Prime Minister of Nigeria, Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa; the Premier of Northern Nigeria, Alhaji Ahmadu Bello: the Premier of Western Region; Sir Samuel Ladoke Akintola; the Finance Minister, Chief Festus Okotie-Eboh; the wife of Ademulegun, Mrs. Lateefat; the wife of the then Premier of Northern Nigeria, Hafusat; Zarumi Sardauna, the Senior Assistant on Security to the then Premier, Ahmed Ben Musa and the Government Driver to the then Premier, Ahmed Pategi.

Written: Badiru Kehinde
(Poet, Story-teller, Observer, Freelance Writer and Researcher)
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Motivational- “2017: Beyond All, See the Light”



There is a cliche that says, there is light at the end of the tunnel, I turned against that and wrote, ‘there is light even before the tunnel and in the tunnel’. This revealation dropped in my heart in the wee hours of exiting 2016. It means light searches you and brings you to the magnificient promise ahead. The previous year has gone with its tales of recession and depression, thick and thin, strength and failings, promises and silent whispers, broken chords and suspended hopes, delayed promises and convenenants but beyond, there is light.

Don’t fear, the future is secured by knowing the one who holds it. Search yourself, do away with the things and every other thing you have to let go with the previous year. This is the only way you’d see the light in its full glare. Do away with obstructions, distractions, pending plans and unapproved resolutions. You must write them all down this year newly, it is a promise from God this year. There are bigger doors you need to open, bigger pedestals you need to climb, many books you have to write, many songs you have to write and co-write, many art you have to explore, many connections you have to make, many relationships you have to make work,
create or let go, yes there are even many more dreams you have to make into reality. Dearest, ma’s and sirs, it is time to take your boat and cross the sea, it is time to make your wife proud, it is time to put smile on mama’s face, it is time to let your daughter say to her friends, ‘yes! That’s my pa, that’s my ma, they are real super heroes.

I say to you, it is time to prove them wrong, it is time to learn from 2016, refine your experiences, fears and disappointment because you need it all as a lighting torch. You must keep the lights on and fire burning,delay is not delay at all, it’s not time to put the gas off, ignite it. It is time to make your community, society, avenue or province proud, it is time you are announced to the world, it is time to let your talents change lives, reach out to many and bless the world. You are a corner stone, you don’t have to remain rejected.

Beyond all, even as the tempest falls, God is with you, let your soul soar on God’s mercy. Let God lead you. Ask for His will and walk in the light of His glorious ruins and reigns. RISE Up, Stand Tall, let your heart be stead fast, Love all, Love right, Live right. These are the words that cling on the strength of God, It’s Badiru’s, Make it yours too, I have left the message God sent me to the world.

To my esteemed readers, friends, colleagues, family, teachers, researchers, mentors, proteges, scholars, students, brothers and sisters in faith, thank You for 2016. HAPPY NEW YEAR ya’all.

©Badiru Kehinde (Poet,Story teller,Essayist,Freelnace researcher and writer) 2017
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This morning I tuned in to my headphones listening to James Fortune. He sang, “you don’t my story”. Some people have seen where God has brought you from but they don’t know where He is taking you to,it is only through the testimonies that they’d believe and see the works of the most high.

Find me a man who doesn’t have a story and I will find you a Nigerian politician who is not corrupt. Every man has a story, what we do not have equally is the opportunity to tell that story. We often find the celebrities come out today on their various social media platforms to share their past of how they’ve suffered, hawking in traffic, serving in restaurants or even scavenging before opportunity caught up with them. We appreciate and love these stories forgetting we have, and are stories ourselves.

The world awaits your story too. It is one which would make a difference. I reach out to millions today to tell you that you must keep on with life, passion and purpose. Your story will make the difference if only you don’t give up at the edge of glory. It may appear now the world isn’t paying the attention to you the same way many wouldn’t give attention to this. There’s a thousand thing you want to say, sing, write, paint or explain to the world but no one cares to listen. Keep on, it is part of the story, a difference will be made through and from you. Happy day.

If you were blessed, share the word with the world.

  ©Badiru Kehinde 2016
(Poet,Fiction writer,Motivational writer,Graduate Student)
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Motivational: MOVE ON


      Though it’s true that TODAY is as a result of YESTERDAY, while TOMORROW will be as a result of what we do TODAY, For so many, their PAST is their greatest enemy, cage, prison yard, and witch hunter that they find it onerous to move ahead to the future.
        Mistakes are all a part of greatness, errors brings out beauty. Don’t Let the guilt of the Past hold you down. You sure may not be able to fix your past but you still have the ability to determine the future. You are the one in charge, You must let the PAST be gone with the wind, create your future, focus more on it like you’re the camera man taking a coverage of a mass number of people in the White house.

        Guilt does nothing but trap you in the Past forever, envelope your foresight and make your visions for the future more blur. One reason you must move on is because MISTAKES are part of the plan, they were planned by GOD, they were meant to shape you & prepare you for the big game. MOVE ON!!!

“The greatest of MEN today were mistake candidates but they learnt to focus more on tapping into their future rather than their past trapping them down” …Badiru Kehinde

MOVE ON!!! …Don’t be trapped, mistakes are part of the plan

Your friend
Badiru Kehinde

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If Corpers can’t feed well again,
If Students can’t afford tuition fees,
If our mothers can’t cook good meals again,
If our fathers can’t boast of jobs,
If our sisters are running into prostitution,
if our brothers are heading for cyber-crime,
if our libraries remain empty,
if our leaders send their children abroad,
if back home, our leaders don’t care,
if we are forced to ask,
“Is this Our nation, Are we lost?

Then really, We are lost
  ©Badiru Kehinde

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     I’m well sure many don’t even know him, not to talk of remembering him. Well, it’s the configuration the system we find ourselves has made. For history’s case and sake, Sumonu Oladele Giwa born on March 16, 1947 from the prestigious Ile-Ife died October 19, 1986 (Age 39)in Ikeja ,Lagos. He remains the journalist if not the most prominent to have died by a Mail bomb explosion as a present from the demons in governance then.
         We find these demons in the nation’s farmland today harvesting the wealth of the land, milking the nation’s purse dry and uprooting every form of justice and voices of truth. Dele Giwa was a journalist who the government of General Ibrahim Babangida felt was too taciturn over and keen on truth. He died two days after he had been interviewed by State Security Service officials (SSS).He was seen as too revolutionary and  he did this through his Newswatch which was set up in 1984. This paper is said to have revolutionalized Nigeria print media. He was a model of truth, stood for truth and wanted the best for the nation. His pen shed tears today exactly 30 years ago when he was assassinated. This cycle has been, and will continue. Those who stand for truth are either shuffled out of existence, incarcerated or enticed with federal packages which keeps their lips sealed.
       In a nation many have said is not ripe for self-rule and probably needs a recolonization according to Republican candidate, Donald Trump are leaders who plunge the nation’s ship to capsizing and have no dream for the nation and the people. Let Dele Giwa be a model for all of us.  I’m writing this to Nigerians particularly youths who are waiting on the government to make life better and help them achieve destiny and fulfill purpose. Your destiny is in your hands, not that of our leaders. Let me remind you as I end my whistling that the pockets and stomachs are the concerns of leadership in Nigeria, not you or your life. They less have us in hearts. Today, the world remembers Dele Giwa as a hero and a mighty pen that lives on.
        To this end, there are complications behind Dele Giwa’s death which you’d be interested to know, his background and life which is one to draw inspiration from. I drop my gong and sip my emu. Ride on!

©Badiru Kehinde
(Poet, Essayist, Fiction Writer, Grad. Student, Osun Student University)
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